Love is poison. A sweet poison, but it will kill you all the same /
É bastante simples. Minha razão é simples de se entender. Encontrei uma razão para viver. De hoje em diante, viverei por ela./
Se eu postar algo que alguém já postou me avisem com o link do post original que eu retiro o post
(If I post something that someone alredy posted, please notify me, with the original link, and I'll remove it)
And I swear
We are infinite




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This. This just make a my day.

I remember seeing that on the Colbert Report and thinking he was exaggerating.
He wasn’t.

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gif meme: Kirito + showing emotion

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SPOTLIGHT: Natural Palettes

Today’s spotlight happily goes to a fairly new beautiful Tumblr based art blog dedicated to matching all the Pantone colors to natures beautiful landscapes and everyday life. 

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Your voice, it’s whispering against my neck
Your lips erase the old regrets of anything.


So you can do it… Figure. It. Out.


”.. because i know we’re gonna be together.”



Don’t touch me I’m Famous


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